Newsletter Manager

Do you need to get the word out? Do you have information that you distribute regularly to a group of people? Do you want to save postage and trees--and still maintain the frequency of contact with your clients?

Technology-Works can install a Web-based Newsletter manager to streamline the distribution of your information. We can install it right into your Website, and create automated sign-up pages for your clients. Your users create their own accounts, and confirm that they want to join. It is a full opt-in system. It will eliminate any legal hassles because you are not sending spam messages.

You login, create your newsletters, and send them from your site. Your visitors can start or quit receiving the information that they want--right from the Website. Your visitors keep their information current in the system. Your management time is reduced. Your printing costs are eliminated. Your information gets distributed.

Contact Technology-Works to determine the configuration of your Newsletter manager--and let the web make getting your word out easy.

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