Express Websites

Express Websites are different

In our world of automated machines and interactive Web sites, there are plenty of build-it-yourself low-cost Websites available that you can use to represent your company. What makes our websites different is that with every Express Website, you get a designer.

You Collect Your Information, We Do The Work

If you have researched the competition, you probably discovered that most of the comparably-priced Websites require you to do the work yourself. Add a professional designer to your team (at a fraction of the cost) and let us do the work for you.

Merge Your Marketing Efforts

Stretch your marketing dollars and image branding efforts. Do you already have brochures or images for your business? We use your materials to create the graphics and design for your site--to integrate seamlessly with your image branding.

It Meets the Standards--Everyone's

Our Websites use the newest standards-compliant technologies. Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), XHTML, and PEAR, our designs are compliant with the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 508), and they are BOBBY approved. If you are a government agency and must comply, the information on your Website will be accessible, and your Web site will meet the strictest criteria.

We Make This Easy

Our process to build your Website is so easy for you that you do not even need to own a computer (a computer and Internet access is recommended, however). Contact Technology-Works to order your Express Website today--get the Web working for you.


About Us

We are a feisty little company that believes fair pricing and business practices, open source software, accessibility, W3C coding standards, NO FOREIGN OUTSOURCING, and writing good, clean code will make both you and us money.