Express Websites: Frequently Asked Questions



  • Who writes the text for my site?

    We do not create any content for your Website. We do, however, help you collect the information that will be used for your site. To successfully brand your image, it is best to have your materials overlap. We can use the text from your brochures, flyers, posters, or other marketing materials for the Website.
  • How long does a typical site take?

    After you have collected your materials and e-mailed, mailed, or faxed them to us, a typical express site takes about 5 business days to go online. If you have added any custom features to your project, it will add a few more days to the timeline.
  • How many pages are included in an Express Website?

    An Express Website includes a Home page, three content pages, a links page, and a Contact page (with an interactive form and processing software). You can have up to 5 images on each page. If you want to add pages to the site, we can do it--just ask. Additional standard pages are $75 per page.
  • What is an Express Website?

    An Express Website is a fully-functional Website hosted on the Internet for an incredibly low price. The price is affordable because there are a limited amount of features, it is small in size, and you have a relatively low amount of interaction in the design process--all things that are part of a custom Website. It is designed for people who do not need a custom Website, or rather a low-cost alternative that will get you on the Web now!
  • Can I upgrade to a larger site later?

    Absolutely! In addition to paying for E-mail services, the monthly fee for Web hosting pays for your Professional class Web hosting. You can upgrade to a fully-interactive Web site and use the same Hosting space.
  • What is Professional class Web hosting?

    After a Website is designed, and in order for your Website to be viewable from the Internet, your site needs to be connected to the Internet. A properly-configured computer that is connected to the Internet and that can deliver the files of your Website when someone requests it is called a Web hoster. Your Business class hosting includes additional services such as E-mail servers, and your Webmail interface.
  • Can I modify a template when we make my site?

    Our templates are already created--and they are designed for projects on a tight budget. Because it takes us less time to build a template-based site, we can pass the savings on to you. If the designer has to get involved, the project is charged at full price.
  • Can I pay using my credit card?

    Technology-Works is in the process of adding credit card processing for payments.
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