When the world was deciding what it was going to do with the Web, e-commerce was one application that helped us decide. For consumers, buying things on the Internet is a viable option--to the scale of Billions of dollars a year. If you have something that you want to sell over the Internet, Technology-Works can help you.

We have installed and configured full e-Commerce stores, attached them to payment systems, and put entire businesses online. Visit Pressluft Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaners or Treasure-It to see examples of the full store. We have also added low-cost, lightweight sales tools to previously-existing websites. In these projects, the owners simply need to ability to update their inventory and describe their products or artwork to their clients. You can see an example of our lightweight utility at Sacramento Towing Equipment.

Whether you want to run an online retail business, or whether you want to merely display your inventory to the world, contact Technology-Works for your solution.

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About Us

We are a feisty little company that believes fair pricing and business practices, open source software, accessibility, W3C coding standards, NO FOREIGN OUTSOURCING, and writing good, clean code will make both you and us money.