Styling for Print

There is another aspect to your website that is often overlooked. If you provide information, maps, or other important information, there is a great chance that your clients are printing your pages. Using Cascading Style Sheets, Website owners can now exercise a large degree of control over printed Web pages--without sacrificing the appearance of the on-screen version. Elements can be hidden on screen that will print, and online elements can also be removed from the printed version. The technology is both flexible and powerful.

Take Image Branding to the Next Level

Why is this important? If you are actively engaged in branding your company, this is an opportunity that you cannot miss. Styling for print will take your branding elements from the Website, and print them directly into the homes of your clients (or potential clients)--at no cost to you. Your clients will have printed pieces of paper in their home with your logo and contact information on them.

Contact Technology-Works to find out how we can optimize your site for Printing and help you stretch your image branding dollars.

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