Cascading Style Sheets

When HTML was first written, the visual control was limited. Graphic designers got ahold of it, and squeezed the World Wide Wen into a graphical form--tricking the language into a world of layout and formatting. The developers responded by including more and more graphical controls in each susequent version of the language until they hit a final stopping point.

Today, HTML has been split into two, more specialized languages. The goal has been to separate content from the graphics that are used to display that content. HTML, the language to hold the content, has evolved into XHTML with a more rigorous coding structure. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) was the new language implemented to style the information held in those pages.

Although there are still plenty examples of poorly-written HTML blurring the content with the graphics that are used to display them, the future Internet will be composed of this winning XHTML/CSS combination. All of the Websites developed by Technology-Works use this combination to keep the information accessible, and to keep your Website poised for the future.

Contact Technology-Works to re-code your Website for the future using XHTML and CSS.

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