Auto-Discovery Tools

Do you have some process that you want to streamline on your Website? Are you uploading files, digital media, or resources of some sort on a large scale, and manually linking these items in a menu or a Web page somewhere?

Program Computers to Save You Time

Our auto-discovery tools are custom-designed to streamline processes. For example, you upload PDF versions of documents to a directory on your Website, and our tool reads the folder contents, generates a Web page and menu, and creates links to the files. It saves you time, your visitors can get the information, and you can get back to work. Our solutions can work with most files: images, music, etc.

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About Us

We are a feisty little company that believes fair pricing and business practices, open source software, accessibility, W3C coding standards, NO FOREIGN OUTSOURCING, and writing good, clean code will make both you and us money.