ADA and Section 508 Compliance

Creating content that is accessible to persons with disabilities is not just a legal requirement, it is a good idea. Materials that are logically organized, and thoughtfully planned make materials that are good for all visitors.

Table-Free Design

The key elements of compliance begins with the the programming of the page. Designs that intertwine the content and the delivery are both antiquated and not accessible. Using technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets, XHTML, we are able to take the content out of tables and separate the content completely from how it is displayed. This separation will reduce future upgrade costs, make it easy to implement dynamic-driven data, and deliver your content to everyone who visits your Website.

Is It A Requirement?

ADA and Section 508 Compliance are requirements for Federal Agencies in the US. Many state and city-level organizations who are receiving Federal funding may be required to meet these compliance standards. In addition, some agencies require privately-owned businesses to be in compliance if they would like to do business with the Federal agencies.

Regardless of your legal requirements, it is a good idea (from both a humanitarian AND a business perspective) to have your materials reach the largest audience possible. Your Website is no different, and a little extra work can go a long ways . . . .

Contact Technology-Works to make your materials compliant with the requirements, and accessible to everyone.

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