For Non-Profit Organizations

Communicate. Discuss. Coordinate. Collect. Technology Works can transform your Website into the hub of your project and help you spend your time and money where it belongs--on your project.

A Perfect Fit

The Internet has been a great tool for Non-profit organizations. Perfectly matched to distributed work environments, the Internet can reduce (and sometimes eliminate) the cost of internal and external communication, can provide better access to the people and resources of your project, facilitate contributions and donations, expand the areas affected by your project, and can even save trees in the process.

If you are in the planning phases of your project, building your processes using the Internet will ensure that your costs stay low, and that the management elements of your project can stay solid despite the growth or change that may happen in your project.

If you have any questions about how the Internet can help you, contact us. We have worked with several non-profit organizations to manage and distribute their information, to get people to user their resources, encourage donations, and to help their project members communicate with one another.

We would love to see how we can help your project.

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About Us

We are a feisty little company that believes fair pricing and business practices, open source software, accessibility, W3C coding standards, NO FOREIGN OUTSOURCING, and writing good, clean code will make both you and us money.